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Individual training

Conventional self-defense concepts tend to be in trouble when it comes to an opponent who wields a melee or firearm. American tactical shooting guru Jeff Cooper said:
"Rule of shooting number one - you must have a gun!"

Training "Precise Shot"

This training gives the shooter the skill to take an accurate shot. An accurate shot is considered when the shooter hits the area he wanted to hit. In the course of training, we teach the correct stance, how to hold a gun, correctly aim and correct shooting.

Learn about the factors that interfere with accurate shots and the many special exercises that are performed to eliminate these interference factors. After training, the shooter acquires a systematic independent practice methodology and can later apply their skills to deal with different types of shooting or self-defense practices.


Gun license renewal coming soon?

We offer the practical part of the preparation course for the shooting exam. Lessons include everything you need to know before the exam: safety, proper handling of guns and shooting accuracy. Trainings are held individually and by appointment at a convenient time for you.


Maintenance and restoration of weapons

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